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Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl by Lynn Bardowwski"…Inspiring, Uplifting, Honest & Genuine!!!"

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Pregnant Entrepreneur's Book Review of Success Secrets of a Million $ Party Girl

"This book is worth more than a million dollars! You can’t put a price on unlocking the secrets to being comfortable in your own skin, and igniting that passion inside of you so you can share your glow with the world!  Bardowski’s a leading visionista for her time, who makes you want to go out there, live your dreams, while looking good, and enjoying a good glass of wine on the side!" – The Lady in Red (a.k.a. Laura Madsen)


"Lynn doesn't just tell you how SHE did it– she also tells you how YOU can do it! She really lets you in on her life– the ups AND downs, in an engaging style, while sharing practical tips to help us all become successful. I have been working for 25+ years and still found inspiration to do more and do it better. Read this book!" –  Debbie Moore, Vice President, Corporate Communication, Cubist Media Group


"You will actually get something out of this book. I've read a lot of self help books for entrepreneurs, and find a lot of them a bit too impractical or heavy laden with ego or nonsense. This is an honest, fun to read blue print toward success which includes resources and a great story of one woman's rise to success. Even though I feel as though I am past a lot of the more simplistic self-helpy women in business books, I did walk away from this one feeling refreshed and inspired. It's a great drink of water if you are having a vision-thirsty week! Buy it and send it to friends too!" -L.L.H., Lynda Hinkle Law


"I just finished reading the e-book, and feel as if I've captured some of the authors glow. She has a way of making you feel empowered and able to accomplish whatever you seek. Your attention is captured by her humor, her personal stories, and even her setbacks – you will find answers to questions/conflicts you most certainly have experienced, and most likely will come away with a clearer focus to help you get to where you want to be. Kudos to Lynn Bardowski for an energetic, fun read – thanks for the motivation! "-  Lisa Hargraves