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How To Have A Successful Vendor Event

The Complete Guide To Vendor Event Success for Direct Sellers and Small Biz Owners

Vendor Event Success

Vendor events are key to getting out of your inner circle and making new connections, if you find events that are well attended, connect with your ideal client and have a strategy before you get there. After 23 years in the direct selling trenches, I’ve become an expert at getting results at vendor events. They aren’t always perfect, but this complete guide to vendor event success will help you make the most of your time and get better results. 

Let’s get started.

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How Do You Handle The Summer Slump?

Beach Piggy Fights the Summer Slump

Welcome to August, synonymous with the summer slump.  The weather is hot and sticky and half your customers are probably on vacation.  As a small biz owner, keeping your business (and your profits) consistent can be a challenge.  What’s a Million Dollar Party Girl to do?  Reinvent, innovate and turn a hot summer into a hot selling season, of course!

Here’s how I get it done:

Women are the queens of reinvention. Give your marketing strategy the same priority that you give your hair color.  Change it up to give your biz a fresh look.  What works during the busy times might not work during the lean times. Your summer marketing makeover should include attending networking events (where your ideal client is hanging out) and at least one biz conference to stimulate your ideas and strategize with like-minded people. 

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Why Women Leave Money On The Table, And Other Truths I Learned From Tory Johnson

Why Do Women Leave Money on the Table?

Tory Johnson brought her spark, and a little hustle, to a PartyLite conference I attended last week in Minneapolis, MN. As Tory took the stage, she shared how she overcame fear and failure to turn her passion into profit. Her message for the 2,000+ entrepreneurs in the audience was to connect with your why, stop making excuses and ask for help when you need it. 

Here are 3 Truths About Women I Learned from Tory Johnson:

Women leave money on the table: Tory shared a case study she did with women and men to find out why women earn less. In the study, both women and men were told they were being paid between $5 – $12 for participating in a focus group.  They were all paid $5. The men immediately asked for more, wondering where the other $7.00 was.  The women took the $5, saying things like, “That's Ok.”  When asked why they didn’t ask for more, the women shared that they felt bad asking for more money and didn’t want to make a fuss. We’re not earning as much as men simply because speaking up to ask for more is not in our DNA. Teaching women how to speak up, ask and negotiate for what they are worth can change that.  

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Almost Famous: Confessions Of A Proud Self-Promoter


I overheard someone say they couldn’t stay after The Tenors show to use a back stage pass, so I jumped right in to grab the photo op. And tweeted it to The Tenors. We’re BFF’s now!

With a name like Million Dollar Party Girl it was destined to happen. I've become famous. In South Jersey. Or, at least in my own backyard. Everywhere I go, people have heard of the M$PG. They don’t even know my real name, and that’s OK with me. It all happened because I’m a proud self-promoter. You see, one of my key messages for women entrepreneurs is to get your name out there, toot your own horn, and do some biz bragging. I kind of feel a responsibility to lead the way. I probably shouldn't reveal all my “secrets” but here’s a few true confessions of how I proudly promote the M$PG brand. Rinse and repeat with your brand, and you’ll be famous too. And, if you tell anyone my secrets, I’ll deny it all.

True Confession #1: I take advantage of every photo op. You might have heard that perception is reality. Thanks to social media, this has never been more true. Your pictures tell your brand story to thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Are you maximizing social media? The truth is, whenever I do a book signing I make sure someone is on hand to capture the shot. Be prepared to take pics of your brands proudest moments to post, tweet, instagram and pin. When you see a fellow Visionista sharing her brand moments share the love and RT, Like, Comment and Share. Each women's success inspires another.

True Confession #2: I look for opportunities to send out a press release, and ask friends to help spread the word. When the Somers Point Diner contacted me to kick off their new Literary Lunch series I said yes, and immediately got to work on a press release. “Jersey girl, and best-selling author, comes home to support the shore community” sounded newsworthy. Especially after Super Storm Sandy. It was a slam dunk. Thanks to the press release, and a "plug" from Go Jane News founder Janet Garraty, the story was featured in 3 local newspapers, as well as the Patch news outlets. The word got out, which helped the Literary Lunch sell out, launch with rave reviews and connect with local authors to book dates for the rest of the year. When you toot your own horn you'll not only build your brand, you'll bring other businesses along for the ride. Good Karma.


True Confession #3: I create my own buzz. I shared this proud FB post (with a photo of a champagne bottle) when I found out I was going to be one of Top 25 Women to Watch: “OMG! Just got an email from a local news reporter. Super excited! Reveal is coming……”  When my friend nominated me to be the Most Happening Author I shared this post: “I’m kicking up my heels! Someone thinks I’m the most Happening Author in SJ! Vote for me and make it so.”  Don't be afraid to let the world know you're excited about your accomplishements. If you did something great, tell us about it. We need more postive images of women rising, and achieving success, on their terms. As the saying goes, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur, best selling author, national speaker, mentor and radio show host.  For insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and vision, read her book, listen to her radio showfollow her blog and "LIKE" her Facebook page. You may republish this article in full, as long as you list this paragraph and provide a link.


Spread Your Feathers and Get Attention

spread-your-feathersYesterday I keynoted an Authors’ Conference to share some of the juicy details on how I became a best-selling author.  As I held up my book, I told the attendees that the day to start promoting their book is, well, today – in other words, as soon as they decide to write a book.  A woman in the audience asked, “…how do I tell everyone about my book without sounding like I’m bragging? I don’t want to be seen as pushy?”  That’s one I’ve heard, and blogged about, before.  Men biz-brag all the time.  It’s time the ladies pulled up our big girl panties and got over our fear of being pushy.  Trust me, pushy people are not worrying, or even thinking about, being pushy.  If you’re worried about it, it’s not in your DNA.  I’ve heard it so many times; I call it The Pushy Myth.  You’re creating a story to justify a limiting belief.  When a woman wants to get a man’s attention, out come the red dress and stilettos. Yet, we don’t know how to do that with our businesses.  Here’s how to strut your stuff and get your message out to the world.  Not just for you, but for the people you serve.

Get Real: Tune in to what limiting belief is holding you back and face your fear head-on.  Or maybe it’s feather-on, like a peacock.  Those birds really know how to get someone’s attention!  Go figure, it’s the males who know how to work it.  Peacock feathers are so beautiful they’re used for everything from art to fashion to home decor.  It’s a great example of the impact you can have on the world when you put yourself out there.

Start Today: Whether you’re marketing a book, or marketing a biz, you need clients (or readers) to be successful.  Don’t get all dressed up with no place to go.  Your #1 activity while you’re getting ready to launch a book (or business) is building your client base.  One of my friend’s husbands said it best on a recent couples dinner date, “…network or perish.”  I laughed when he said it.  Partly because the statement sounded so alarmist it caught me off guard.  It has a lot of truth in it.

Avoid the Words, “I don’t do (fill in the blank with any social media platform)”.  Social media is not going away.  If you want to build your list, start sharing, tweeting, pinning, posting and videoing.  Remember, it’s called social media for a reason.  Leave the salesy rhetoric for the advertisers.  If you don’t know how to use posts to generate revenue, click on over to my training page.  I’ll teach you how to be a savvy social media maven.

I finished my speech by sharing, tongue in cheek, that I’m successful because I’m a shameless self-promoter.  That got a chuckle because most of the time I don’t take myself too seriously.  But, I do take my message seriously.  Be passionate enough that you want to spread your feathers and attract attention.

Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur, best selling author, national speaker, mentor and radio show host.  For insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and vision, read her book, listen to her radio showfollow her blog and "LIKE" her Facebook page. You may republish this article in full, as long as you list this paragraph and provide a link.

photo credit: Laurence & Annie via photopin cc